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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Don't Get Too Excited

I love the talk around town about the Houston Texans. Yea, we're riding high in Houston and deservedly so. With two great wins over the Colts and Redskins the Texans are 2-0 and looking like a real football team. Like every week though a new challenge arises as the Dallas Cowboys gallop into town.  With the Cowboys getting off to an 0-2 start and playing mistake filled football, the Texans definitely look like they have the upper hand. But as Nate Dogg said, "hold up " ! That's right everybody pump ya brakes a little, I'll tell u why this is not a for sure Texans win.

The Texans Offense, as we know is a high-powered versatile group. Matt Schaub is playing as well as any quarterback in the league if not better. Andre is just being Andre, going about business as usual being the All-Pro he is and showing why he is the best receiver in football. Foster has been steady and has helped the Texans have a consistent running game, which in turn has helped get more balls to Walters and the Tight Ends. What the Texans will face though is a Cowboy defense that is ranked 10th in the NFL. That's with the blown assignments and bad tackling displayed thus far. On third down opponents are just 4-24 against them, and they have only given up 127 yards rushing in two games. I'm sure by now I've gotten your attention, if not, then you're as blind  as Stevie Wonder  blindfolded  at midnight sitting  in the middle of a black hole singing "Blame It On The Sun. How about blame it on your ignorance ! And I'll be the first to say it because I believe it, the only thing that matters is wins and losses not stats or numbers. However some stats and numbers do hold true and the Cowboys defense validates that some.

The Cowboys offense isn't too shabby either. They are 4th behind the league leading Texans' offense, mainly because they have been  a predominantly  passing offense do to a sub par run game that's only cranked out 139 yards. Let's not forget this is the same group, with the exception of Dez Bryant who won the NFC East,  pounded Philly in the playoffs, before losing to Minnesota. So needless to say there is some history there. The Texans defense is ranked 31st in the league. Although they have allowed only 62 yards rushing, the defense has given up a crazy 822 yards passing. Damn ! Besides the low rushing total, a more crucial stat is that offenses are only 6-22 against them. This  is another reason why the Texans offense has so many opportunities to score and was key to the comeback last week. This match up could pose some problems for the Texans defense though. Even though the Cowboys offense plays right into their hands not being able to run the ball,  the Texans pass defense looks more suspect than Elton John at this point. Don't know how that's possible but somehow it is.

Numbers wise the Cowboys look to have the upper hand, but as I've always said numbers don't mean jack, unless you're on Westheimer collecting your money. The Texans have momentum coming off two very good wins, but the Cowboys are in a hole and coming into week three with a must win attitude. Look for Dallas to pump fake the Texans early with a few runs, they will most likely take the Andy Reid approach early and set up the run with the pass and balance it out from there. I hope Schaub gets plenty of rest and massages this week. The Cowboys defense will bring the pressure and with Duane Brown facing suspension, DeMarcus Ware could have a huge game. The Texans should come out with a good mix of run and pass. They should definitely take advantage of the Cowboys safeties Sensabaugh and Ball because they are liabilities in coverage. The Texans Tight Ends should have a big day when matched up against them. Out on the islands will be a little tougher with Newman and Jenkins. If Andre is full speed he should be fine, Walters and Anderson could have a hard time but need to step up. In the words of PE,  Don't..Don't..Don't believe the hype ! Not just yet anyway.


  1. Just like the COOGS, they too might get busted in the mouth against a team that's gonna fight like a pregnant possum!

  2. Good timing on an article like this. You make me want to write again.